My Programs and Scripts

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pick_file is a bash script (for Linux) to easily open files in your home directory (or any directory) by typing part of the filename, rather than having to browse to the file (kind of like QuickSilver)

burn is a bash script (for Linux) to easily write CDs with a CD Writer (burner). It's command-line and much easier to use than using cdrecord directly; you just type "burn" followed by what you want to burn (a directory, ISO image, or list of audio files). The goal is to do everything you might want to do automatically. See the script for details.

meals is my program to manage my meal preparation for the week. If you put your recipes on your computer, it constructs a weekly meal schedule from them in a semi-random fashion, then generates a grocery list by extracting the ingredients from the recipes. I also use it to download the recipes and grocery list to my phone which is more accessable than my computer in the kitchen and grocery store respectively.

Shifting Mazes - A computer game I made in QBasic

Software ideas: I have a bunch of ideas on software that I want to write, or that should be written, or ways that existing software should be improved. You can read them here.