My bookmarks

I put these bookmarks here so I can have access to them from any internet-enabled computer. But you might find some of them useful too, especially if you have similar interests as me.

Searches, services:

Board Game Geek
Laws of Canada
Official laws of Canada site (dictionary)
Urban Dictionary - meanings of slang terms
Public Domain Bible (and another translation here)
Project Gutenberg: Free old books
E-post - receive bills electronically, in Canada
GameFAQS - Walkthroughs and FAQs for video games
Video Game Geek - Reviews etc. for video games
IMDB: Movie / TV show reviews
Ubuntu Linux Forums
See information graphically
Reddit - community of posting interesting links
EasyBib - automatically generate a bibliography for papers
Wolfram Alpha - ask questions about knowledge (better than asking Google)
Google Sketchup - draw in 3D
ScribbleMaps - draw on maps
Padmapper - find apartments via a map
Print specific bits of webpages (or save as PDF) by clicking on them
PodBay - find podcasts
Command Line FU - useful commands for Linux / Mac
Public Library Online Databases (includes a way to see all Canadian newspapers of the past 100 years, and a health database for health information)
Creative Commons search - search for free and open content (pictures, music) to include in your creations

Anti-advertising tools:

Do Not Contact service to block telemarketers
Adblock Plus ad blocker for Firefox
UBlock Origin ad blocker for Firefox
Google search without ads
Firefox Reader View (doesn't only work on Android)
Quietube (to watch Youtube videos without ads or other junk)
Viewpure (another way to watch Youtube videos without ads or other junk - works on phones)
F.B. Purity - gets rid of ads and a ton of other junk on your Facebook pages, can filter your news feed, and more
Pinterest without registration - Greasemonkey script for Firefox which stops Pinterest from asking you to register

For Kids / Teachers / Parents:

Lego Bits and Bricks
Tynker (coding for kids)
Lesson plans
GIFs to explain math
FreeSpeech app TED talk to translate pictures into language, e.g. for nonverbal children with autism)
Preschool science experiments
Store for teachers (one in Moncton)
Bitstrips - create your own online comics
Minecraft Edu
BrainPOP educational website
Pivot Animator for creating animations
PowToon for creating animations
StoryBird - write stories to go with given pictures
Incompetech - Royalty-free music to use for projects
Kahoot - create learning games / quizzes for the classroom which are played via individual devices
EasyBib - generate citations for a Bibliography automatically
iMindMap - software to create mind map diagrams
Makerspace - workshops to learn and share skills while making / building things
Teacher's Web Series
Teachers Pay Teachers
The Bug Chicks (teaches you about insects)
Math Competitions for grades 7-12
Math Circle presentations from Waterloo
Really Hard Math Questions


Half Bakery: Discuss crazy ideas
PhD Comics - grad student comic strip
Improv Everywhere
Tastefully Offensive
Louis C.K. on Selfishness


thisisnthappiness - a unique art site
Crunchyroll - watch free anime shows
8-bit philosophy
Play Dominion Online


Free Windows Virtual Machine to use on Linux through VirtualBox
Boost C++ libraries
C/C++ Standard Library Reference
Validate XHTML
Lambda the Ultimate - programming languages community


City of Fredericton home page
Leisure Activities (Clubs and Societies)
Kijiji Fredericton - free local classifieds
Cross-country skiing in the woodlot - are the trails groomed?
Fredericton wiki

Free online university courses:

MIT Opencourseware
Academic Earth
Khan Academy
Crash Courses on Youtube
Minute Physics on Youtube


TED talks
Duolingo - learn languages by levelling up
Project Euler - math / programming problems
Google Translate
Change My View forum
Rewordify - convert English sentences into a more understandable form


Passive House wiki
Braingle - brain teasers and games
Primitive Technology - how to build things in the woods with no modern tools