Things Everyone Should Know

  1. You can save lots of money by not owning a car.
  2. Write dates like 20-SEP-2004 or 20/SEP/2004 or 20 SEP 2004 instead of 20/09/04 or 09/20/04 or 04-09-20. The space and complexity saved by using numbers does not outweigh the problems caused by the latter formats.
  3. Whenever you take antibiotics, you should also take probiotics, (but not within 2 hours of each other, apparently.), or eat probiotic yogurt. Otherwise the good bacteria in your stomach can die. Ask your doctor about this if you aren't sure. Also, always get the name of the doctor you see, and ask about the risks of taking a particular medication, and the risks of not taking it, and research conditions you have and medications prescribed to you before taking them. Even though doctors can be trusted more than the internet, they still can't be trusted. About 50% of the times I've gone to the doctor, their diagnoses / solutions turned out to be wrong.